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Our Loan Officers:
Robert Pinzhoffer, President / Owner
NMLS ID: 1226132
FL: LO26733
CA: CA-DBO1226132
Work: (800) 725-1790
Rob Snyder, Senior MLO
NMLS ID: 882249
FL: LO15561
Work: (888) 808-0344
Diaky Diaz, Senior MLO
NMLS ID: 1370598
FL: LO32614
Work: (800) 918-4690
Almir Krivdic, Senior MLO
NMLS ID: 948708
FL: LO36540
Work: (800) 531-6080
Blair Damon, MLO
NMLS ID: 1277588
FL: LO30793
Work: (800) 267-0905

Buy live mortgage leads that close - All licensed financial institutions qualify to purchase our live mortgage leads that are guaranteed to close.  Our pricing is fair and competitive.  Leads are delivered real-time to your email address for you to call instantly.  We prefer to sell exclusive leads, but arrangements for lower-priced shared leads are accommodated.  Kindly contact us to speak with our VP of Marketing, you can not afford not to.

Employment Opportunities - Yes, we are hiring NMLS Licensed MLO's, please inquire here concerning full-time employment at Peak Home Loans.  We are actively seeking sales representatives to market our unique live leads that close.  Job requirements include a minimum of 2 years experience in the mortgage industry, a strong sales background, a clean background check, and an ethics check.  You must also be a United States citizen.

Advertising Opportunities - Do you have a mortgage-related website with a Pr3 or more?  We will pay you for advertising.   Or, you can advertise with us.